A narrative comedy based on a true story, WHAT GIRLS ARE MADE OF is the bridge between the generation that thought they could have it all and today's women who still aren't sure. Revealing a shitload of obstacles to her success, Katherine struggles to get air, dividing herself into three in order to satisfy the different demands society has thrown at her. Should she be aggressive? Emotionless? Feminine? Take advantage of her sexuality?

Katherine, Kit and Katie get their heads together, bouncing ideas off one another, developing a strategy to do something revolutionary: Invest in women. The maze they travel is as confusing as the Wonderland Alice wandered through, complete with a crazy Tea Party. Should she click her heels together to give up and return home from Oz like Dorothy? Wherever she turns, she's met with Wizard-like authority figures. Some help, some hurt, most just back away from a provocative idea that has the potential to morph our perception of women from unrecognized and under-utilized into a valuable human resource.

This is issue-oriented entertainment that has the potential to change minds. The three-part protagonist is a unique opportunity for three female actors to share a juicy project. And it illuminates the persistent wage and opportunity imbalance that oppresses women in the entertainment industry. It's also a unique way for men who believe in women to change some minds.

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